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How to get rid of headache?

This question is highly relevant for people on the Web. The best answers to this question depends on the severeness of the pain in the head, the cause and other circumstances. Please find at the beginning of this article important information about medical emergencies.

First – for security reasons – please read this Harvard Health medical information about headache

If you suffer from sudden and severe pain in the head, call an ambulance or a doctor. Here are medical advices about headache from the Harvard Newsletter.

“5 unusual headaches: Signs to watch for and what to do – Harvard Health” by Heidi Godman

“Take note of your symptoms when a headache occurs. If it’s sudden and intense, like a thunderclap headache, it could signal bleeding inside the head. Seek emergency medical attention.”

Talk to a doctor if you search the web on these and related terms:

  • “how to get rid of a massive headache”
  • “how to get rid of the worst headache ever”
  • “how to get rid of one side headache”

Be aware that a stroke or brain tumor can cause several symptoms, including pain in the head.

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How to get rid of headache google trends june 2022

“How to get rid of headache” Google trends June 2022

Are you searching about the topic medicine – disease or medicine – symptom?

When I search “The New American Webster Dictionary, Copyright © 1972 by Andrew T. Morehead, I find different meanings of headache: medical (informal) and associated to behavior and social interactions (informal).

headache formal informal other meanings

“Headache” – other meanings: formal-medical and informal

Here are some examples of how different people interpret nouns and phrases:

“I’ve got a headache”


  • sore head
  • migraine
  • neuralgia

If you are looking for the medical terms, you may be interested in more questions about physical headaches.

Other meaning of headache (informal): “their behaviour (behavior) was a headache for Mr Jones”


  • trouble
  • problem
  • bother
  • bugbear
  • worry

Further informal meanings:

  • aggraviation
  • hassle
  • pain (in the neck)
  • bind

More questions about physical headaches

This article is made to your service in your web search about headache. It collects the whole range of questions asked by users.

Find out in which area your search could find to a goal.

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How long do migraines last NHS

This web search shows people searching for a certain medical information source:

The NHS Website – “Find information and advice on health conditions, symptoms, healthy living, medicines and how to get help.”

In this step, they are interested in the symptoms and causes of migraine described by the NHS. 

We don’t know if they have been at the doctor. So it would be a good idea to see a doctor to be sure it is “real migraine”:

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Different types of headaches and how to get rid of them

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Home remedies migraine headaches

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Caffeine withdrawal headaches

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The effectiveness of acupressure on relieving pain: a systematic review

Acupressure has been shown to be effective for relieving a variety of pains in different populations. The review begins to establish a credible evidence base for the use of acupressure in pain relief. The implication for health care providers would be incorporating acupressure into their practice as an alternative therapy to facilitate patients who suffer from pain. Read the whole review “Acupressure Headache – Search Results – PubMed